Saturday, January 4, 2014

1-4-14 Weekly Watercolor

Injured Hawk, watercolor, 7 x 5"
My weekly has been rather weakly--but here is my first watercolor of 2014. My number one resolution for this new year is to focus on working in the studio and putting in the time. Making small watercolor paintings is a good way to settle into a new rhythm.
     This hawk appeared in our backyard in December. Our neighbor told David that he had called the experts in to check on this wounded creature, but the hawk had departed before they arrived. David spotted the hawk the next day in our apple tree. This past summer we had a small flock of what we figured to be sharp shinned hawks. We are crediting their presence with our preserving our apple crop--they kept the smaller songbirds away. I believe that this is a Cooper's hawk from the markings, eyes and squared off tail. Painting the hawk has helped me to appreciate its beauty.
    There is always something interesting to see and I hope to spend 2014 immersed in seeing and painting!