Monday, September 3, 2012

Appreciating the Labor of Artists

Rainy urban landscape, photograph by
Michael Wayne

I have some new artwork which I have been admiring greatly and it occurs to me that Labor Day is the perfect time to sing the praises of artists and their work. What other "product" can you purchase and it requires nothing else to be effective? You find a place for it and voila! at any time you can enjoy the vision of that artist and be reminded of the enchantment of the world. This is the number one reason why I appreciate the work of artists: I am able to see the world through their eyes.

Marco Logsdon's beautiful abstract landscape on the right;
the woodgrain glowing through the resin interplays
wonderfully with the painted woodgrain on
Ron Isaacs's piece

      You don't have to start planning on buying Image.2 or uploading software for its continued effectiveness.  True, you might have to frame the work or re-paint your walls from time to time, but otherwise, you have the complete package forever and ever--no subscription required!

Work by Christina Brannock-Wanter exhibited in the
Not Big show at the MS Rezny Studio/Gallery
Artists are small business people and we can expect to pay a fair price for their work so they can earn a decent living.  In exchange, we receive a priceless contribution to our everyday lives.

Walking sticks by Larry Mitchell

       I also appreciate the work of artisans like Larry Mitchell. He makes walking sticks. They are beautiful and they work! I use his walking sticks on my treks through the woods of Kentucky. 

Portrait of Jacob by Eric Johnson

Now that our nest is empty, I am particularly enjoying the portrait of our son, Jacob, by Eric Johnson (

Okay, perhaps it is kind of self-serving to praise artists, since I am one. And I do encourage you to buy my work! Part of my work as an artist is making a home. And I consider homemakers to be artists, too. You have to use a lot of the same skills. We should not short-shift the place of beauty in the home.
Carly relaxing under an arrangement of art:
Ron Isaacs reigns at the top. My work in-between,
the work in the middle is entitled: An Honest Day's Work
On the sofa, quilt by my mother-in-law, Alice Johnson.
Home is where the art is!

Thanks to all the artists in my life. Keep on working and Happy Labor Day!