Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fallen Soldier

A maple tree lies in "estate" at Ashland
Walking is my preferred method of gathering images to paint. I was thinking about this when I took a walk recently to clear my mind for writing my artist's statement for my upcoming show, OF the EARTH (on exhibit at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, 903 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY, this August). On this walk, I came upon the scene in the photograph to the left: an old maple tree on the Henry Clay Estate had fallen. I realized that I have painted this tree. You can see it at my website: kathyreesjohnson.com/artwork/innerbluegrass/gallery3/autumn_lawn.

         But that is a sight and site you may see for only a few more weeks.  I am discontinuing my website at the end of August 2013.  I have enjoyed having a website and the work that web designer Derek Zachary has done so beautifully. It has been wonderful to have a place where people may view my work. I also enjoy writing about life and art and the world and I plan to continue that through my blog (which you are reading right now!) So please stay tuned!