Friday, November 26, 2010

While the Broth is On..A Black Friday Blog

  Maybe you are not at home right now--you might be out shopping.  Either you love the thrill of the deal on Black Friday, or you rather stay home and make a broth out of your turkey leftovers (like me) or have a horse running at Churchill (like my brother-in-law--go Strike Impact!)  In any event, a nice change of pace will be offered tomorrow:  the Christmas Gift Exhibit at the Corner Studio, home of the Courthouse Square Arts Guild in beautiful downtown Carlisle, KY! The hours are noon to 4 pm and this is every Saturday until Christmas. I am not sure what all might be on show tomorrow, but included will be Larry's amazing and beautiful walkings sticks (I always have mine when walking at Blue Licks), Regina's honey, Carol's ornaments, hopefully Brad's creative fossil art (you have to see these!) and Ottis's unique brand of abstract paintings. Ottis's paintings always inspire me to experiment--they make great presents, too! Louise will have her charming paintings, too.  I will have more to report after I see for myself tomorrow.  My offerings will be cards and prints; including cards featuring Paris Pike, my Horse Mania 2010 horse ($5 for five cards!) There is more information at my website:; including info on how to sign up to receive my holiday card (see image) which features the Ashland Estate garden in the snow.  And just this morning, Meg and I walked over to see the same scene--very beautiful! Even if we don't have a White Christmas this year, we can look back to our beautiful White Black Friday!
Now to go chop the onion and celery...


  1. Kathy, this picture is amazing! Is it a watercolor? How did you do the snowflake border? It looks transparent! Can't wait to see the card in person....

  2. Meg--it is watercolor. I knew I wanted to have a border and the snowflake idea seemed to work the best. The backdrop is watercolor (and sort of an extension of the tree branches) and then I went back with a sort of "liquid paper" for Arches to make the snowflakes. Next project is sending out cards!