Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Branching Out

Part Five of My Art Colony along US 68

     At church last Sunday, Dick came up to me and said that my blog about my juste milieu year made him think of synchronicity. Indeed--and it is continuing!  Just as I had made plans to take down my work at White Horse, I received an e-mail from Kathy in Flemingsburg, who, with her husband Ken, created Banana Tree Studios.  They have been very active in making arts happen in their community.  A couple of years ago, Kathy invited me to teach a workshop on using watercolor and pastel in making paintings.  I had not taught before, but I am curious about how others approach art-making and I was happy to talk about this spontaneous and intuitive technique.  I taught the workshop, and wound up meeting a friend who plays a big role in my art colony:  Mary-Louise was a student in my first workshop! There were also members of the Ohio River Valley Art Guild taking the workshop and so I made a connection with an exciting group of artists, mostly centered around Maysville, KY, a beautiful river town along US 68.

         I knew that I wanted to write about Banana Tree Studios and Maysville, so it was a lovely coincidence when Kathy asked me if I had some paintings I could display at the Fleming County Hospital for a couple of months.  I did (of course!) and they were all (save one) featuring horses, just in time for the Triple Crown season.  The exhibit space is in the cafeteria of the hospital, if you get a chance, stop by and have a look.

       But even better than this opportunity to display, was the wonderful chance to catch up with Kathy.  As you can see from the photo to the right, she is up to big things!  Kathy is taking a drawing class at nearby Morehead State University. She is working on a project for her final exam which involves making rubbings of objects (frojet is the official term) and incorporating them into a flowing composition.  Her composition is all about the beach (which is appropriate since she and Ken moved to Kentucky--chased by one too many hurricanes--from Florida.)  The objects she used for rubbing are on the table.  Kathy waxed enthusiastic about her drawing class and how it makes her very anxious to get back to her main medium, pastel.  Over lunch we talked about our dreams of artists connecting in the region to raise awareness of our rich presence. I suppose this is why I wanted to write about my art colony, because it really exists.  Visiting with Kathy was the perfect reminder. 

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