Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Certain Gift

I am fascinated and not a little bit in awe of people who take advantage of midlife to create something new. It is something that I admire greatly; especially when the creator is a woman who has established herself in a career or as a parent and reaches a point where she wants to try something new and different. She wants to set out on a fresh path and see where it takes her. And this path is not just for her, but for whole communities. I witnessed this perhaps first with my aunt, who started an equestrian therapy program which has worked wonders for hundreds and hundreds of people. She could have just continued riding her horse on her farm, but she wanted to open the farm and horses up to possibilities of healing people in need of the special relationship with a horse.
     That is why I am so impressed that my high school classmate, Dr. Cindy Derer has created an art academy for adults.  Cindy, a dentist in Lexington, has long desired to express herself through the art of sculpting (this is very compatible with being a dentist, don't you think?) She found a class, taught by Thomas Baker which was just what the doctor ordered.  The only problem was that the class was offered only infrequently.  Cindy wanted to be able to consistently work on her artistic ambitions, so she created her own opportunity. Certainly, she could have figured out a way to consistently take sculpting classes. But that was not enough, she wanted to give this opportunity to a whole community of adults who want an artistic outlet, possible with their busy schedules. Working with Thomas Baker, she founded The Lexington Art Academy.
      LaA is located adjacent to Dr. Derer's dental office, at 698 Perimeter Drive in Lexington, KY. I am very excited to be offering a class:  Experimenting with Watercolor and Pastel, at the Lexington Art Academy.  We will be looking at the possibilities of these two media. I hope you will join us.  For more information, or to register, please go to the LaA website:  See you there!

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