Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Renewal

Field trip to the Prichard home
The profusion of spring blooms is reminding me of a special time in my life. For a decade, I took workshops with Fay Moore and they were often held at the end of April into the first of May. Fay would be in the state for Keeneland and the Derby; she is an amazing sporting artist.

   I would leave early in the morning to drive to Versailles (Heike Pickett hosted the workshops) and the sun would back light the dogwood and redbud as I headed out. Tulips were out and the smell of Spring was everywhere. Several of the workshops focused on landscapes, so we would be outside. Back inside, Heike always had a beautiful setting with artwork (of course), fresh flowers and a tasty luncheon.

   You can't deny that this is a glorious time of year, but taking these workshops intensified my perception. I actually stopped and "consumed" the beauty. This has had a lasting effect on my life. Making art has allowed me to take in the beauty around me and it forms my life. So this year, as the buds burst, I am feasting once again. And you can, too!

On March 27th, I will start a four week session (Tuesdays, 1:30 - 3:30 pm) of Experimenting with Watercolor and Pastel at the Lexington Art Academy. This is probably going to be your last time to take a class with me at LAA, and certainly it will be a chance to revel in the beauty of Spring! Hope to see you!

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