Friday, November 16, 2012

In Praise of Frumpiness

      This is not about art or the woods, but I feel compelled to defend the right of women of a certain age to be frumpy.  Because of General Petraeus's dalliance with an extremely toned woman twenty years his junior, a focus has formed (okay, it is not a focus, it is background imagery) on the General's wife. People are blabbing on about how she looks like she does not care. Does Not Care!! How could anyone think that? To me she looks like a woman who has risen to her duties. She works hard for the Wounded Warrier program. She has raised two children, who appear to have turned out quite well. This she has done while her husband has been called to distant wars; it is not like he was home by 7 pm every evening to help out. She is even shown smiling in the presence of Jill Kelley (that must take effort.)  Mrs. Petraeus's hair is always neat and her clothes reasonable and coordinated. What more do people want?

      These days, apparently, more: it is a woman's moral duty to look sexually available to any man of a superior status. But what benefit would this be to Mrs. Petraeus? Would she go after the Commander in Chief? (Not a good idea, with Mrs. Obama's toned arms!) So okay, the real thought is that Mrs. Petraeus should work harder to be alluring to her husband. I disagree, I think the General owes his wife big-time, because she has made him look even better with her efforts on his behalf.  Meanwhile, what has Mrs. Broadwell gained by giving in to social pressure? What is the big benefit of her snagging General Petraeus? What has this act done for anyone? It is not as if we have a dearth of humanity and men need to get out there and populate. It might be a good idea for men to evolve a bit. I sure hope her book is worthwhile and not just an awesome or awesomer? tome. And what benefit is her much ballyhooed 13% body fat to the world, or even to the super lean Mrs. Broadwell herself? I doubt much.

     What the world does need is more frumpy women, working for the good of all. And after a frustrating day, dealing with idiots, a good work out can do a body good!

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