Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It is All Coming Together

Brackets for our newly-covered entryway. Designed
by Graham Pohl of Pohl Rosa Pohl and built by
Montgomery Construction
     We have a house project happening right now and it is providing appropriate visuals for my current thinking about work/creativity and life in general. We will be integrating two households into one, making for less upkeep work, and more flexibility visiting far-flung family (and them visiting us). Our resulting home will be more supportive of all the activities we enjoy. Our love of making things will be sheltered comfortably under one roof; we will have our industrious cottage!
     I have decided to embrace all my interests and make joyful use of past and present pursuits. I can "paint" landscapes with my little harp and illustrate my imagination on paper using all the materials I have accumulated. I can design a vest with pockets to carry essentials while playing harp at hospice. It is quite remarkable how naturally this has all come together. Friendships from decades past have been rekindled; at just the right time with just the right inspiration and lessons. I will have a roomy atelier that allows the intermingling of art forms.
     The day can be met looking over the back yard and the sun serenaded with a song over the front. The sensitivity that has gone into this project is a wonder. The design is so perfect that from the beginning I could envision creatively integrating interests in this one beautiful space. I am so grateful to Graham Pohl of Pohl Rosa Pohl Architecture and Design. The care and skill that have gone into crafting the new spaces are exquisite; many thanks to Robert Montgomery, Daniel Shute and John Donahoe of Montgomery Construction.
Early evening shadows--I hear a song coming on!

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