Friday, January 23, 2015

In the Dorian Wood

In the Dorian Wood, 5 x 7", watercolor/Neocolor II
I have begun a shift in my endeavors, working toward a focus on creating in a way that serves to comfort and heal in today's world. A big part of this shift involves learning how to make music that helps. Therefore, I am becoming familiar with musical modes--something I had not heard of before--and I am captivated! The enchantment comes from seeing how the same raw material can be rearranged and a totally different feeling emerges. While I am delving into these modes on my harp, landscapes begin to emerge. I thought it would be fun to make little paintings of how the different modes appear to me.
      My first posting will be in the Dorian mode. It is one step up from the starting point, the Ionian mode, which would be C major (or any major).  The Dorian mode has a magical quality that reminds me of being in the woods--my favorite place!