Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a Wrap...the Art of Carnico Show

Sue's centerpiece and Ottis's heron
 There were fishing lures on steroids, a casino, driftwood whale and a canoe out front; so early on you were tipped off that this was not your typical art show.  We knew this would be true even before the paintings and gourds and license plate birdhouses showed up.  This was Brad's brainchild after all!

     Brad was there when Sue gathered bushels and buckets of wildflowers from around Carnico for a spectacular centerpiece that greeted the lucky visitors. It was Brad's idea to have a collection of rustic items that would transport you right to a lakeside paradise. It worked!

Paintings by (left to right)  myself, Diane, Louise and Derek

The paintings were glorious, too; Carnico in all seasons.  There were half a dozen sunset paintings, to be expected, since that is one of the most wonderful times to be on Lake Carnico.When I first laid eyes on Ottis's heron, I was smitten.  Ottis is an artistic wonder all by himself! We had to pinch ourselves that not only did we have a beautiful show, but it was about a real place.  We fell in love once again with this treasure nestled in the gentle hills of Nicholas County, Kentucky. There were images of Carnico early in its development and even the beginnings of the excavation. A photo of Clover Court before the existence of the A-frame which became our wonderful lake home was of special interest to me. So this was a true celebration of a place.

A bank of early photos of Carnico
It was not just the art, craft and artifacts that made this such a wondrous exhibit, but the fact that so many folks of area are terrific, curious and adventuresome artists and crafters. Perhaps that is the best thing about this event: knowing that there is a wealth of creative people nestled in those gentle hills of the outer Bluegrass.

Carnico Charlie stands guard between Carol and Juanita's paintings

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