Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Autumn leaves...we have experienced a couple in just this last week.  Mary left last Sunday to be a teaching assistant in Brittany, France for the academic year. She arrived safely, with all her luggage in tow and has established herself in Queven. It is with a mixture of rapt excitement and mourning that I vicariously experience her new adventure.

Brothers, on the road together, post-trail

      This weekend, we say goodbye to our nephew, Private First Class Rees as he heads off to basic training.  The weather turned cold for the first morning of October and a brisk walk in the woods seemed like a good idea.  We went over to Blue Licks State Resort Park to indulge. The day was mostly overcast with sun shining sporadically through the just-barely changing leaves. I was filled with that bittersweet melancholy; where you experience something so lovely and simultaneously see it slip away. I knew in advance that there were a lot of paintings here. My photos never adequately express what I am seeing in this time on the cusp between summer and autumn.  Carly (the dog) set the pace on the Indian Run trail and so the ascent up the hill by the run warmed us up quite effectively. 

Fred with his good luck clover
  After our invigorating trek, we set out for a final, pre-basic training geo-cache hunt. This was also at Blue Licks. A black cat  (perhaps the same one we saw as we first set out on our hike?) was patrolling the area. Never-the-less, the cache was soundly found! Not only that, but as we were walking across the field to the car, I spotted a six-leaf clover, just in time to send Fred off with a good luck charm. My last chance--and my first October extra-leaf clover.

Here's to safe passage for our young people as they set out in the world. And here's to all us autumnal types, able to savor the sweetness of it all, even as we ourselves are drying on the vine (okay, I'm only speaking for myself!) What a glorious world!
Mary heads out, with her Susan Hoff bag!

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