Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come, Creator Spirit

Yesterday, I received a telephone call from Conservative Majority (or Con Major, as it appeared on the caller ID). I was invited to listen to a "news item" and then take a survey. What followed was a histrionic rant, that was pretty much stuck with ideas that were thrown about before the 2008 presidential election. You have heard of these, Obama pals around with terrorists and believes in "God Damn America!" Obama is set on destroying America! And where did he get all that contributed money? Con Major is going to work tirelessly to get to the bottom of this! There was no mention of what the organization was actually for. After the "news", I suppose this was the "survey" part of the call, I thanked the Con Major person for reminding me to make that Obama 2012 contribution and pointed out helpfully that this would be one less contribution they would have to get to the bottom of, because I had told them about it upfront. 

Yesterday was also the day that I wrote up the text for our holiday cards this year. I am using the images pictured here.  They are my paintings from Mary's and Jacob's Alma Maters:  Rice University and the University of the South. At Mary's graduation from Rice in May, the Latin hymn "Veni Creator Spiritus" was sung, as it has been sung at every Rice Commencement. Veni Creator Spiritus will be on the front of the card, along with the images. The translation of two verses of the hymn, which was in the program for the graduation is an antidote to today's destructive shouting.  The idea is that we can use our hearts and minds to work toward a better world.  The hymn says it best, so I'll include the translation  here for you:

Come, Creator Spirit
Visit the minds of your people,
Fill with supernal grace
The hearts which you have created.

Gives us the rewards of joy,
Give us the benefits of your favor,
Break the chains of strife,
Draw fast the bonds of peace.

May your mind be visited and your heart filled with grace!

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