Monday, April 30, 2012

My Clover Year


Four Leaf Studio with clover and Klee-inspired paintings
Last year was my juste milieu year and this year must be my clover year. I've already talked about this (Seeing Four Leaf Clover, 7-23-11) but the unfolding year has only intensified this idea. I have found four leaf clovers in every month of the year. Usually, the clover has dried up by August. This past year the clover has grown as if on steroids. So if you live around here, it has been your clover year as well!

     Last summer I worked on an unusual project. I made a painting of a molecular structure (MetNI)that my brother Doug had studied. The painting was in the style of Paul Klee. (Please see my September 5, 2011 blog and Now for Something Completely Different!) Learning about Klee was an affirming exercise because he believed in his own guidance and his circumstances (often far from ideal) never hindered his ability to create. What is the clover connection? Klee is the German word for clover.

Some of the clover spotted this year
     I also moved my main working studio from Clover Slope to Jacob's former room (the floors are pre-distressed.) This is working out well. In honor of the abundance of clover this year, I named the new space Four Leaf Studio.  

     Mary went to France in September and in preparation started a blog:   trefle a cinq feuilles (the five leaf clover). She has had a wonderful year full of affection (in the sense that Wendell Berry expresses) learning Breton and teaching little French children English, along with simply being in France.

      It has been a sweet year, apparently, too sweet as my fasting blood glucose level is too high. So,  I have a new project for my new year. Perhaps I shall reach perfection! No need to worry about that!  But, I will enjoy tweaking my perspective. Maybe I will look up...

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