Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Eyes Encore

May's Lick, KY home of the Asparagus Festival
Brad with his fossil art
       Over the weekend, I was able to enjoy a return visit to the Asparagus Festival in May's Lick, KY. Last year, I was accompanied by Mary and it was fun to witness her charmed reaction to a place so close to home (please see Seeing the Home Turf with Vacation Eyes, 5/25/11).  This year, I was solo and in sort of a hurry (which is blinding for vacation eyes) but I made sure that I got some photos so I can share the unique and lovely quality of May's Lick and the Asparagus Festival.

Musicians accompany the art competition 
     I have been enjoying asparagus this spring. It came on early, so there has been a month of fine eating even before the festival.  My fossil art friend, Brad, has been participating in the art competition at the Asparagus Festival and he had a terrific idea for this year's entry.

Larry found a selection of quirky sticks. Brad envisioned them as Guiness Record holders for asparagus (forked, number of heads, twisty and cherry.)  He created AsparaGuiness.  I was not able to discreetly photograph his work in place. But I do have a pre-assembly photo (that includes Brad!) Larry also provided the beautiful cedar slice base.  Brilliant! Even with the wonderfulness of it all, Brad did not repeat the victorious outcome of last year, when his entry Whale Food came home with the blue ribbon.
Devilishly clever AsparaGuiness

Larry and his special walking sticks (simply the best!)

It was a fine day for the festival, which goes from 10 am to 10 pm. There was music everywhere. There was an oompah band just outside the Presbyterian church, where the competition was exhibited, along with archival asparagus art work and all things asparagus in general. Inside the church, a folk duet was singing and strumming along.  When I left the church, a featured band was amplified at the main music venue. It was truly and appropriately a festival atmosphere.
The oompah band

    I bought two pounds of beautiful asparagus and stopped by to check on Brad and his fossil art and Larry with his walking sticks. I bought another walking stick so that I will always have one handy for a walk in the woods. Larry's are the best!  All in all, this a festival to enjoy, even if it is so close to home.

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