Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Workshop Prep

In a couple of days I will take my teaching show on the road for the first time. I have been invited to give a two-day workshop through the Ohio Valley Art League in Henderson, KY. There is some prep work! For my workshops and classes, I provide all the materials, so there is watercolor paper to cut and brushes to collect and clean. Are the watercolors in order and do I have the pliers to aid with the stubborn tube caps? And the pastels must all be organized by color (figuring out the color categories is interesting.) I prepare a watercolor underpainting for demonstrating my approach.
      I want to keep everything loose. This is the main premise: first I have an idea of what I want to create. That idea is what directs my technique, rather than the other way around. That will be my approach with workshop participants as well. We will start with their vision of what they want to create and then figure out how to achieve that using watercolor and pastel. My big goal is to help artists to develop their own voice by sharpening vision and honing the work of our hands.

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