Monday, April 14, 2014

3.5 Leaf Clover

Sometimes you find what you need
Today, everything is bursting out, and all at once. Maybe the blooms want to have at least one day of glory before the freezing temperatures claim their brilliance and buoyancy. The clover was looking bounteous as well, as I set out on a walk (and in the back of my mind, looking for a sign and guidance for a little dilemma.) The clover is my totem plant. I don't consider extra leaf clovers to be good luck, so much as signs that I'm on the right path. So, it was interesting when I turned the corner, admired a lush bunch of clover and thought I spotted a 4-leaf clover. On closer inspection (I plucked it) it had three leaves. The top leaf was a super leaf with two major veins.
        What sort of sign was this, I pondered. Here is what I came up with and perhaps this might apply to you as well. I seem to have been given all the raw materials I need (okay, want). It is just that it has arrived in a different form than I was anticipating. You know about this, too. Life is much more curious, interesting (and sometimes frustrating) than we ever expect it to be.  Our job is to use the raw materials we've been given and create the life that we want and even appreciate the unexpected form that life has taken.
4 veins and 3 leaves

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