Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Enchanting April

Enchanting April, watercolor on Arches paper
April is a most welcome month, especially this year. The drabness of winter is at its peak, as all the green things have given up after blast after blast of arctic air. Even the ivy has had it this year. Then, all of a sudden, green happens anew. I love how the daffodils burst forth energetically, even as the trees are bare. Hope returns.
     I've always liked April, but infinitely more so for the past twenty five years after a very special person arrived. She is rather like April herself, full of enchantment. She can play the Waltz of the Flowers cadenza on the harp and run a marathon. She arrived in France and got on the phone to arrange for renting La Maison Rose and made Thanksgiving for twenty in that same house's tiny kitchen (the meal  included 4 pies!) She cares about the huddled masses and was the only one who knew how to firmly, yet lovingly, train Carly. What a gift she has been and she was given to us in April!

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